Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oh the things he says.....

I think one of the best parts about having a three year old, are the things that come out of his mouth. Granted, sometimes it is defiance, and I want to pull my hair out, but there are the occasional moments that have me rolling!!! Today, as we were waiting in carpool line for the girls, Noah asked me for a book. We have several books in the pocket behind my seat. He was very insistant, that he wanted a certain book. He kept saying, " I want the dark one". I kept grabbing different books and handing them to him. I thought for sure he meant a dark colored book. Well he kept saying " no, the dark one". Well come to find out he meant the ballerina book and on the cover is an "african-american" ballerina. Now I in no way laugh at this in a racist way. I just thought it was so funny that he chose that way to convey exactly the book he wanted!!! Maybe I should also think it is funny that he wanted a "ballerina" book in the first place! LOL ;)

Noah also has taken to carrying around a "family". We literally have to take a duck, a bear, and a tiny bear with us wherever we go and they must be tucked in with him each and every night. I asked him who they were and he told me that the big bear was the daddy, the duck was the mommy, and the little bear was the baby. I thought that was absolutely precious. So, somehow the bear and the duck got together and had a little tiny bear!!!! LOL!!!


Diane said...

hahaha!! How cute is Noah!!!!!!!!!

The other day we were at church and Emma said someone took a sip out of her sippy cup. We said, "Oh really, what did she look like"? Emma goes, she was brown like me!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooo cute.


Andrea said...

ROFL....I love it!!! Oh emma has the most gorgeous skin!!!!!! :)