Thursday, January 25, 2007

The sun IS out today!

After days of rain and clouds, the sun is shining today! Wow, I haven't posted here in over a week! Life has been very hectic,busy, and frustrating all at the same time!!! How is that for a sentence? Monday morning, poor little Noah woke up with the stomach flu and we had a very LOOOONNNGGG morning! It nearly broke my heart to see my baby having such a hard day! Thankfully, it was over by afternoon and he is doing just fine. He went to school today, I got to run around like a crazy woman doing things that I am way behind on, and I even got to have lunch with a friend!!! It was nice to drink lots of Diet Coke and talk to an adult!!!! I feel a bit better now! Another huge accomplishment, is that Noah is FINALLY using the potty regularly. I literally have to sit him on it, but he goes and is very proud of himself. Amazing, what a cheering crowd ( 2 sisters,mom, and the cat constitute a crowd) and some m & m's will do!!! YAY NOAH!!! Our next step will be to wear big boy briefs instead of pull-ups. I think if he wears that consistently he will see how much more comfortable it is. I was really starting to feel like the worst mother ever for having a child that is over 3 and still in diapers. Bless her heart, one of his teachers told me today that her son was nearly 4 when he got trained. Can I tell you how much better that made me feel? ;)

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