Wednesday, January 17, 2007

When will the sun come out?

~ Warning ~ This is going to be a vent post!!!!! I KNOW that everyone has days like this. You know, the kind where you just feel a little blue and nothing (absolutely nothing) seems to be going your way. I am very emotional today, partly because I didn't get very good sleep last night. There is nothing like being woken from a sound sleep to your daughter crying that her stomach hurts!!! Yes, Meredith got sick and bless her heart, that is all we need ...another missed day of school! Oh well, at least it is no homework day so she shouldn't fall too far behind. Let's see, I am also about to pull my hair out because my cute little dude will NOT potty train. He is wearing pullups and occasionally I can get him to sit on his potty but I don't know how much I should force the issue. I mean, is it right to spank him for not sitting on it? We literally argue over this everyday and I have to PHYSICALLY sit him on it, only to have him pop back up after 3 seconds. WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO HARD? He is over THREE years old!!!!! I feel like the only mother with a 3 year old that isn't potty-trained. My other vent is WHY can't my house sell? It has been on the market for almost FIVE months. I have never in all the houses we have sold, had one sit for this long. I don't know if God is trying to tell us that it won't happen or if he is just wanting us to wait for some reason or other. I really don't know what to do and Greg and I go back and forth on leaving it for sale or taking it off until another time! Can I tell you, that once you put it on the market and you find something else that you love, and you get in the mindset of moving, it is VERY hard to think about just quitting!!!! If I have one more person come look at my house and tell me how well I have decorated it, I think I will scream!!! Doesn't that count for something? If they like the way it is decorated, why don't they like the house?
Now in order to leave this post on a higher note, I will attempt to be positive. I have SO much to be thankful for! I have a healthy family, a home, my husband has a good job, we have food and clothes, and above all I DO have a Savior! You would think that after 34 years of life experience, that I could totally grasp the fact that God sees the big picture and I only see a fragment! Why can't I pound it into my thick skull, that God's way and timing is higher and BETTER then my own( I am sure that he even has a reason for my son's delayed bathroom skills ;) )? So thanks for letting me rant! Blogs aren't always about the sunny, happy, and fun things! I am going to try to spend the rest of my day being Thankful and having some FAITH! We will now return to regular posting...........VENT OVER!!!


Christy said...

Why can't I pound it into my thick skull, that God's way and timing is higher and BETTER then my own


I have these days too-they are hard but thankfully END!! I think you need a good night out with a friend...hmmm...maybe with me? LOL Seriously, we need to go scrapbooking or to a movie...

Okay, now for my advice portion (take it or leave it!!!) Laura Grace was also VERY difficult to pottytrain. So difficult I called Focus on the Family and CRIED to their crisis counselor-this will forever be one of my most embarrassing moments EVER. Anyway, they agreed with what I was feeling-she was testing me and winning! She knew what to do, how to do it, ect... She just didn't want to. So, I resorted to spanking. Not for accidents that were obviously just accidents-but for those moments that I said "sit on the potty" and she get the picture. I am not saying this is what you should do with Noah, but this is what worked with me-after a few times she got the point and stopped resisting my authority. We still had plenty of accidents, but she learned when Mommy says sit you sit!!

Take heart, I know how hard it is! Call me today if you need to ;)
Oh, and sorry for the novel. You know how I ramble!

Jennifer said...

Hey Andrea,
I was just wondering how things were going with you. I know this has been so frustrating with your house not selling. Unfortunately, the last five months that it has been on the market are some of the worst times to sell. Usually by September or so, transplants have already moved and most are already settled in the school district they want to be in by then. Then you have all the holidays and though houses do sell during them, not as many. It's still winter, but spring will be here soon and things will pick up. I know it's SO hard to wait. I hated waiting and it is depressing! We started trying to sell ours in October and it sold in March. My best friend was selling hers too, and she listed hers in Oct. and hers sold in March too. It was a LONG frustrating fall and winter for the both of us.
Anyway, I'm still praying for you and all of this. I totally sympathize with the frustrations you are having. It's so hard to trust in God's plan and timing when your brain thinks it knows best, isn't it?! I know you don't want to give up by taking it off the market, especially now that it's so close to the optimal selling time, but giving it up spiritually is the way to go. You will see God work when you let go of all control and completely trust in Him with this. I had to do this when we were praying for Britt's job. I was practically begging God all day long and finally I realized that through that, I was still trying to control things. I truly let the point that I didn't even get worried or worked up over his interview. I had new found faith that if that's the job God had for him, then that's the job he would get. That's when he finally got a job!