Monday, January 01, 2007

I am TIRED today!

For the first time in I don't know how many years, I actually stayed up past midnight on New Year's Eve! I was quite proud of myself. I am very tired today, but it isn't just because I didn't go to sleep early! Let's back up to New Year's Eve morning:

We woke up to our regular Sunday morning routine. I got showered, dressed, made breakfast, got kids ready, etc. As I was putting on my makeup, I thought to myself that I would just leave the beds unmade since we haven't had anyone look at our house in 3 months and it certainly wouldn't happen today. I would just clean and get ready for a last minute NYE get together with neighbors, that afternoon. Well, that is when my cell phone rang. SURPRISE SURPRISE....someone wants to come look at the house at 1pm!!! WHAT? Of all days and of all times, they want to come when my house is a disaster area. Greg and I decided to take two cars to church. I left a little bit early and RACED home. I ended up cleaning my ENTIRE house in an hr and a half. This was no small feat. My girls room was a MESS. They had Christmas toys everywhere and you couldn't even see the floor. I probably spent half my time in their room alone. I don't normally break a sweat easily, but I was so hot that I had to turn the ac on! I ran around throwing things in drawers and trying to make our home look as appealing as possible. As I was cleaning, I kept telling myself not to overdo it. I have gotten it ready for a showing before and spent so much energy and time, only to have the people take 5 mins to decide they hate my house. I finally managed to get everything in place, "stage" my house with appropriate lighting, and blow out the candle I had burning for a pleasant scent. Did I mention that I tackled all of the above, while wearing my tall brown HIGH heeled boots? I pulled away from our home about 12:40 and not five mins later, the realtor called asking me if they were too early? I had just made it with hardly a minute to spare. I have absolutely no idea if they like my house. The realtor called me with a few questions that made it seem like they were interested but I have been down this road before , and I don't want to get my hopes up.

So back to today, I am very tired and my muscles hurt from cleaning my house in boots! We did have a wonderful New Year's Eve. We enjoyed some of the ham ,that is my husband's yearly Christmas gift from his boss. We also had appetizers and the last of the Christmas sweets. My kids had a blast running around the house and staying up way too late. I enter into 2007 very thankful and even though I have to deal with last minute ordeals ( like above), God always works them out for his own glory! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS. May 2007 be an incredible year!


Christy said...

I DO NOT want to be a horrible friend and get your hopes up...but wouldn't it be so cool if this was God's New Years present for you?!?!?!

Andrea said...

You are not a horrible friend!!! That EXACT same thought went through my head, HOWEVER, reality kicked back in and I told myself not to get my hopes up. This is SOOOO hard!! ;)

Christy said...

AAAAAHHHH I am going to be one pins and needles for several days about this...I can't imagine what you are feeling. God is faithful regardless but it would be so awesome if your waiting could be resolved like ours was!!

Jenn said...

Wow - that would have been an impossible feat in our house! New Year's Day looked like Christmas had pooped all over our house. I'm just now getting it in order, after days of cleaning. Way to go!!!