Monday, January 29, 2007

A day in my life....

I do not like to be busy! By that I mean the type of busy that leaves you exhausted & mentally frazzled. I try very hard not to overschedule, but somedays it can't be helped. Here is my day this past Friday ( it had its funny moments, so that is why I am sharing ;) ):

5:45 am.....Wake up and force myself out of the bed. Shower and get dressed all the while wishing I could get back under those warm covers.
6:00 am.........Make my homemade muffins (recipe below), make lunches, sign folders, drink coffee all the while wondering when I am going to get back into my workout routine
6:30 am......Wake girls and drag them out of bed. Make mental note to self that choosing the days outfit is REALLY better if done the night before. Fighting with 9 year olds over said outfit is not a fun thing to do early in the morning!!!!!
7:20 am......Having fed children, fixed hair, checked bookbags, etc, etc, it is time to drive them to school
8:45 am...... Drive Noah and myself to Walmart all the while wishing that I could go ANYWHERE ELSE!!!
10:20 am.......Leave Walmart $$$.$$ later ( enough said)
11:45 am.....Leave for a lunch playdate at Chick Fil A. Stop at Walgreens on the way for suckers since I realized in line at Walmart that I forgot them and there was no way I was getting out of line to go get some.
12 pm.......Chik Fil A.....mental note to self....Friday is not the day to go to Chik Fil A. Apparently every other mother in my town and their child goes on that day. It is a MAD HOUSE! We scarf down food and rescue our 3 year olds from the crowded play area. Promise them a quick trip to the park
12:45 pm.........Very quick trip to park.....realize on route that car is making weird noise. Brakes must need some work. Let Noah play for a quick 10 mins and then drag him to car only to find that he has decided that right then is the perfect time to have a dirty diaper!!!! YIKES! Change him in car and practically throw him into his car seat.
1:15 pm......After a mad race through town, arrive at girls school. I am sweating and have no lipstick on. Noah and I rush into Meredith's classroom so I can be the parent reader. I am anything but calm. One of her classmates taps me on the shoulder and says "hmmmm, I can see where Meredith gets her good looks from"!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! How many are willing to bet that this little boy has a flirty dad? Read to class. At one point, I was so out of it, that I read the same page twice. The class was too smart and it didn't slip by without notice!
4:30 pm....Make Madeline take a shower and then I blow dry her hair and get it fixed for cheerleading.
5pm....Drive though rush hour traffic so she can take a makeup group picture with the other cheerleaders. One of them was sick for actual picture day and they thought 5:30 on a Friday afternoon would be a good makeup time!!! WHAT?
6 pm.........Try to figure out where to eat dinner. Finally decide on Cracker Barrel. The best idea would have been for me to have something to cook at home but since I haven't cooked all week, why start now?
8pm......Frantically begin picking up house since someone is coming to look at it the next day. Tell myself to calm down, since it doesn't seem to make a bit of difference these days whether my house is clean or not.
10:30 pm.......Back in bed. Can I sleep all weekend?????? ( Fat chance!!! )


Christy said...

We had fun at Chick fil A ;) but you are right, we need to pick another day besides Friday to eat there again!

I can't believe the little boy said that! His father must be something else LOL

Jennifer said...

Sheesh! I don't know how you do all that YOU do! :0) That's a lot of running around!
LOL about reading that page twice! Yes, kids will NOT let something like that go unnoticed!