Sunday, September 23, 2007

Soccer Season (again) !!!!!

Well Christy's post made me realize that all I have posted lately is pictures of my dining room. By the way, for anyone wanting to know, the drapes are Pottery Barn. They have many colors to choose from!!!! Anyway, back to soccer and the start of yet another season. Every single year, I pray for the girls to get a good coach. They have yet to get one that is well rounded. They usually either get a super sweet wonderful guy, but doesn't teach them a thing about the game...or they get a "yeller" but one who still doesn't really "teach". My girls are in U10 level and the teams are all GOOD! These girls are out for blood and not one game goes by where there isn't a collision, an injury (take a knee everyone), and the sound of the ball hitting off of something other then a foot!!! The twins are on a pretty good team, but it is a young team. They are the older ones and some of these girls have just come up from U8. It is a whole new game in U10 with the addition of a goalie and you play on one field and 4 quarters. All I am asking, is for someone to work with my children on passing and defending. Is that too much? I am such a competitive person by nature, that it is terribly difficult for me to sit still and watch these games. A passerby would think that I had a "tick". I practically move with the girls (from my seat) just trying to will them to play like I think they should. Of course, I never played soccer at any point in my life, so I am not what one would call an expert on the sport!!! Then there is the whole other problem of listening to the opposite teams parents. Our Saturday game, I literally wanted to clamp my hand over a certain woman's mouth. She yelled so loud when their team scored that it became obnoxious. Of course you cheer when your team scores, but you show good sportsmanship and MANNERS by not SCREAMING in the opponents ears!!! I can't tell you how much I had to control my mouth. The end result was a very close game and we lost by one lousy point. So to my friend Christy, even though you feel like the days of your child wandering off to the concession stand, Layton dashing across the field, and fights with your husband are mortifying.....just think about me and know that it COULD be much worse! ;)

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Christy said...

I am thinking we are not cut out to play little league sports. Laura Grace is just there for the snacks... unfortunately Layton is apparently an athlete at heart and I AM NOT!!!

The girls look good in their red!

I am not looking forward to the competitiveness because it stresses me out!