Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Under the Lights.....

We have games on Saturdays and on Monday nights. I usually enjoy the Monday ones. There is something fun about sitting under those lights. I really enjoy it, plus our team seems to play better in the night games. It is evident by the fact they have won all of their night games and lost the day ones.....go figure! Anyway, last night we got the late time slot. I had to drag my son to the game and believe me when I say that he was not to pleased! I was tired from a long day and simply wanted to sit. Who was I kidding and what was I smoking? First, I set up our chairs. In my haste, I had grabbed Noah a beach chair. The field was wet from rain and so he had to have something to sit on. Unfortunately, the beach chair kept collapsing on Noah and then he decided it was a tunnel and proceeded to crawl through it! Then, he took my dinner ( a snack bag of wheat thins). Normally it would have been fine, but I was starving. I didn't have the energy to fight him so I just sat there praying that I wouldn't pass out! Once the game started, I was *hoping* he would just sit there.....HA!!!! First he decided to go play in the ditch, then he decided to play in the net behind where we were sitting. Then he got tangled up in it. Then he fell in the ditch and scratched up his knee. THEN...he kept falling on the sidelines, WHILE the game was playing. I am sure that all of the parents around me were horrified at the way I kept snatching his arm and pulling him back. It was AWFUL!!!!! He whined and cried and I realized that it was my own fault for not leaving instructions for my sitter to put him down for a nap earlier!!!!

On the flip side....my girls played so well. Meredith was on fire....she played with an aggression that I don't always see. Her coach was on the sideline yelling loudly...." MEREDITH WAY TO GO" "MEREDITH THAT IS THE WAY TO PLAY". I was a beaming mother. She also played goalie for her first time and I am happy to say that the other team did NOT score on her. We won the game and this was against our coach from last year. Madeline played really well too. She totally got her groove on by the last two quarters! So, I guess that it was worth it to keep up with you know who!!!! All too soon, it will be him on the field playing soccer!

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Christy said...

Yay Madeline and Meredith!! It sounds like they have really grown in their abilities and confidence!

I can't believe they are almost ten!!

Of course it seems just like yesterday that Laura Grace and Noah were 2...

Your story about Noah cracks me up and makes me feel good all at the same time. I am glad mine isn't the only one hanging on nets and playing in ditches!!