Thursday, April 03, 2008

Conversations during Carpool

I am blessed to be able to carpool with a neighbor for Noah's preschool.  We go week by week. It is a godsend and I am already stressing about what I will do next year when her son starts K.  I may have to drive every single week.......NOOOOOOOO!  Anyway, Noah and Kinsman are like brothers....they truly love each other, but they bicker constantly about the silliest things.  Usually it involves which one of them is Luke Skywalker or who gets to play with the Magnadoodle!  There have been many a day that I have dropped them off in the carpool line at school and told the teachers "Good Luck" and "they are all yours for the next 3 hrs"!  I love to listen to their fights...I mean...conversations.  Here was todays:

Noah ( as soon as he gets in the car) ~ "I want my Ninja Turtle Coloring Book"
ME ~ "Noah sit down and get buckled"
Noah (practically diving over my seat to get said book) ~ " I need my Ninja Coloring Book"
Kinsman ~ "Noah, you always get the is my turn"
Noah ~ (silence)
Kinsman ~ " Noah, it is my turn"
Noah ~ "It is MY coloring book and MY daddy bought it for me"
Me ~ "Noah, you must share with Kinsman...put it in the middle and you can both look"
Book goes in middle
Kinsman ~ (crying) RUINED my page that I colored the other day.  How could you?  You do NOT know how to draw!!!"
Noah ~ "Yes I do"
Kinsman ~ "No you don't"
Noah ~ "uh huh"
Kinsman ~ "na ah"
At this point...I felt a headache coming over me.  They continued to argue back and forth and somehow it involved into a war over who could count the highest???  WHAT????
Maybe not carpooling next year is a Good thing!!! ;)


Christy said...

Oh just described my classroom LOL I know how you feel!!!

They are precious at this age but I also want to buy some serious earplugs.

Diane said...

LOL...who can count the highest?