Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rewind to the Weekend....

I have been meaning to post since this past weekend. It was crazy busy. Meredith started softball (pictures to come) and Noah started tball. Madeline got to go to a 'SweetWater Jade' concert with her friend. Here they are with the group. One of the girls is the niece of Madeline's teacher. They had so much fun!

Noah playing T-ball has to be the funniest thing ever. Tears were rolling down all the parents faces. I mean, lets get real.....this is comedy at its best. Two grown men trying to teach a pack of 4 year olds how to play baseball! Here is Noah running to base ( all pictures compliments of proud big sister Meredith):

Here he is after fielding a ball. He laid there for awhile and everyone just died laughing. Madeline ran out and pretended to give him CPR!!! My MIL was dying with laughter!!!

I adore this picture. Look at my sons proud face......then look at the poor little guy on the ground. Noah beat him to the ball!!!! LOL


Actual quote from the coaches: "Hey guys, this is baseball not football"!!!!

"How long do we have to stand out here?"

We had company over two nights in a row. This is what happens when your child decides to photograph every move you make. I love this classy picture of me pouring chips into a bowl. Yes, we strive to serve gourmet food all the way!!!! ;)

Of course, I grabbed the camera and got a cheesy shot of them. Aren't they hams? ;)


Christy said...

OMG I am dying over the Tball pictures. That is so stinking funny. I can just see him

I love your striped shirt!

Kearsmom said...

Wow...your weekend was as busy as ours! Those T-ball pictures are great!

Diane said...

Oh A! I couldn't stop giggling over the T-Ball pictures. Noah was SO happy being out there! Good for him. :) He's going to be great at a lot of things in life, I can tell.

He has the cutest smile ever.

MelissaE said...

Noah is so adorable playing t-ball. I am laughing at him laying down in the field. He looks like he has a great swing too.
You are just as gorgeous as ever!