Friday, April 11, 2008

God Cares about the small things:

I thought I would post a few seemingly insignificant things that have happened this week which have let me know that God hears my prayers. I am hoping that I will call times like this to mind when I am struggling with the larger things.

1. I was in Limited 2 (with my Too bucks) and there was a woman in front of me. She bought about 200$ worth of clothes and left. As I was checking out, the cashier had finished ringing me up and I was about to leave. I looked up and thought to ask her where my reward cards were. She told me she had forgotten and it was double day so I got 2. Then she said that she had forgotten to give the woman before me hers. That woman probably would have received about 8 of them. I actually prayed that God would let me run into her so I could tell her. Well I walked around the mall and never saw her. I walked out to my car on the opposite end of the mall and as I was about to get in, I saw her. SHE WAS PARKED TWO SPACES from me. I told her and she was so thankful. It made my day to help someone out. I know that I would have appreciated that if it had been me. Limited 2 is so expensive and those cards help!!!

2. Meredith is played softball for the first time. I have struggled with whether or not I made the right decision letting her play. I didn't realize it was fast pitch. I know NOTHING about softball. I had several know it all moms tell me that it was going to be rough and the girls weren't nice, etc. Well if you know me, then you know how I have fretted about this over and over. Well we had our first practice on Wed. for almost two hours. Meredith had a blast. She told me afterwards that she didn't even mind the length because she was having so much fun. The coach is very patient and nice and the girls seem to be sweet. There is another set of twins on her team and this is their first year too. I just felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Now I don't expect much this first year. I told Mere that this is a learning experience for the first year. I will be *thrilled* if she hits the ball!!! We have our first game on Monday so I will be sure to update and take pics!!! ( Noah starts tball practice tomorrow...this should be HILARIOUS) Oh and the one bad mommy child was the only one at practice without her own bat, helmet, and cool bag. So guess where we went yesterday??? $$$ later and I kid you not it was $$$.....we have a purple bat, a grey helmet, batting gloves (???), and the COOLEST purple bag. She is very excited about the accessories.......definitely my daughter!!!! ;)

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Christy said...

WHat a neat day :)

I tried the whole softball thing when I was your girls age. I loved it but I WAS HORRIBLE. LOL

Softball is a lot of fun, I am glad they are trying it out!!