Friday, January 22, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Where do you Shop?

YES...this post is made for me! I LOVE to do some shopping!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! if you know me, you also know that my very favorite store is Ann Taylor Loft. I.HEART.LOFT!!!! To me their clothes are so cute and fashionable, but also classy. I am in my late 30's so I can't be looking like a teeny bopper!!! Here are some tips for shopping at LOFT:

1. Get the Ann Taylor Loft Mastercard! I am not advocating debt. Keep it paid off. Every dollar you spend at Loft gives you 5 points. Every dollar you spend anywhere else gives you one point. Every 2000 points they send you a 20$ reward certificate. CHA CHING!!!!! I only use my Loft card at the Loft and I try to keep it paid off. :)

2. Resolve only to buy things on sale. If you love that sweater and have to have it, chances are it will be on sale in a few weeks.

3. Sign up online for their notices. They will have friends and family sales and 25% off the whole store. Plus you can keep checking to see when they have that "must have" on sale!!

4. Buy when they give out their 25$ bonus cards. LOVE THOSE!

5. Make friends with the manager. helps. I know the manager at our Loft and she is so nice. Just recently, I bought some tights and they ripped as I tried to get them out of the pkg. The cashier wouldn't let me return them, but I found my friend the manager and she let me! :)

The only thing I don't buy at Loft is jeans ( unless they are dressy trouser cut). My very favorite place to buy jeans is The Buckle. I probably have about 30 pairs of jeans and through trial and error realized that I might as well pay a little bit more to have 2-3 pair of well fitting jeans. The Buckle has so many great styles and brands and the associates are so helpful.

My favorite place for my 6 year old son is Childrens Place. I just love their clothes and he looks so cute in them. They have great sales too.

My favorite place for the twins USED to be Justice but unfortunately we have just about grown out of their stuff....:( ! I do like Aeropostle for some of their things and Old Navy. I fear we are coming up to the hard years where their stuff will cost more then mine!!! :(

Finally, my very favorite online place is Amazon. I have a prime membership and it is totally worth it. I pay it once a year and I get free two day shipping on all Prime items. I always check Amazon before anyplace else. They have great prices and I get what I want in two days!!! I buy all my DVD's, gifts, etc there! LOVE IT!!!

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Briana Kate said...

I agree Amazon is great! :)