Friday, December 01, 2006

Ten Things I love to do:

I am having so much fun reading other blogs. One thing I have noticed is that they "tag" each other with different lists and favorites. It is a great way to get to know different things about other people. So, I am starting one, and I am "tagging" Jennifer, Christy, Diane, and anyone else that reads this. Let's do 10 Things we Love to do :

1. I love to get up early on the weekdays, workout ( very happy when that is completed), grab my coffee, and sit on my sofa in the quiet and converse with God.

2. I love to take LONG hot showers.

3. I love to go to my girls soccer games ( soooo much fun).

4. I *secretly* love that I have a mama's boy! I love hugging him and kissing his sweet face.

5. I love taking pictures, looking at pictures, uploading pictures, scrapbooking pictures. If it has to do with photography, I love it.

6. I love trying new recipes and I especially love it if I get my family's thumbs up!

7. I love surfing the web on my laptop.

8. I love Mother's Morning Out days when I have FIVE hours to myself!!

9. I love to SHOP. I especially enjoy shopping when I have store coupons, which 'Limited', 'Express', and 'Ann Taylor Loft' are so kind to send me! Only requirement, is that I have to be in the shopping *mood*.

10. I love to go on dates with my husband! We especially love to go eat Sushi and go to a movie! :)

Who is next?

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