Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Came and Christmas Went.....

Every year, I tell myself that I am going to try to slow down and really enjoy the holiday season. I tell myself that I am going to get all of my shopping done early and wrap all the presents up , so that I can take time to do the simple things that are so wonderful at Christmas. Those are great aspirations, but unfortunately they don't take into account life's little roadblocks that always seem to come up at the worst of times. My personal roadblock this year was sickness. Everyone in my family got some form of bronchitis and believe me when I say that it was anything but fun. Thankfully, the blessing to be had in the suffering, was that we were all well by the time we had to travel. Merrily, we drove to Dothan, singing all the way. Well, maybe we weren't merry and maybe the singing was actually the bickering my children took part in, but we did arrive in Dothan safely. We ended up having a lovely Christmas. The girls and I did lots of baking with Sue-Sue. Sue-Sue was a good sport about the whole thing. I broke her candy thermometer and burned her arm all in a matter of minutes!!! We got to hear Paw-Paw preach TWICE and enjoy all of our wonderful family traditions. We played several games of Scattergories, attended Nathan's basketball game, watched movies, and even managed to convince my parents that they needed to move into 2007 with high-speed internet access. Yes, I would say that a good time was had by all. I am just a little letdown that as quickly as it came, it went. Another year is almost over and I am finding that I now say the same thing every December 31st. "This year went by so fast"!

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