Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fashion...ya gotta love it!

I love clothes! I don't think that is a surprise to anyone around here. I just love getting cute, in style things. I try very hard to stay current but classic! Unfortunately, I don't particularly love all the ways that the fashion industry is going right now. Everything is TIGHT and low cut and the jeans practically sit on your hip bone. It can be very frustrating to shop in some of the stores that are in the mall. I have one favorite place ( the Loft) that carries very fashionable but classic clothes. I buy what I can afford from there but then I like to fill in from a few other places. I was reminded today though how hard it is getting. I stopped in 'Express' just to see if I could find a few casual t-shirts. I found two cute ones and a camisole ( I wear a camisole with just about everything...........there my *secret* is out). When I got to the checkout the cute little blonde girl tells me that it is buy 2 for 29$ so I could get another t-shirt, tank, or cami for about 10$. Well you know me and the fact that I can't pass up a deal. She came over to help me pick out something else and she suggested a sheer, SKIN TIGHT tank to go over the cami!!! Uh, hello, I can't wear that. She told me how cute it would be with jeans, for when I just want a casual look!!! I told her that was a little *young* for me. She asked me how old I was and once I told her, she said I wasn't old. OK!!! She said I could totally wear that look. So, I told her that maybe I had used the wrong word. I said " modest" is what I am looking for. This poor girl who was wearing a halter type knit top ( with her breasts hanging out) looked at me like I was from MARS!!! Yes, I realize that I am part of a dying breed but I also think that I am proof that you can dress cute and tastefully! I ended up getting another cami! I can never have too many of those. I shudder to think what the clothes are going to look like by the time Madeline and Meredith are teenagers. Can you imagine???


Christy said...

I totally agree!! It is really frustrating because it is hard to find cute clothes that don't advertise your body!
I can just see that girl's face LOL

Trella said...

I would have loved to be there and see the look on her face. My favorite store is also the Loft. I love when they have a sale!