Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday ( hump day)...

First off, Greg is home...YAY! Yesterday ended up being a longer day then I expected. I had to take Noah to the ped and he has strep throat. Thankfully, he seems better already today. He hasn't been sick since before Christmas, so I was sad to break our healthy streak....oh well! ;) The girls had their (most likely) final soccer game of the season last night. I was upset because I had to drop them off, but God has worked it out. The game was called in the second quarter because of lightening so they will resume tonight, assuming it doesn't rain. We have some realtors coming to "look" in a little while, so the house is clean. I am hoping that Noah will take a nice long nap and that way I can lay down too. I hope everyone has a great day! :)

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