Monday, March 05, 2007


Here I sit again and it is Monday.....AGAIN! The weekend just flew by. It was an ok weekend. The girls had an early soccer game on Saturday. Unfortunately, they lost and a bunch of us parents are really frustrated with the coach. Of course, there were other *exciting* things that happened at the game:

~ I got told by one of the parents that I should get my son off of the soccer field because he was going to get hurt. Ok, well he did get hurt but that was on the SIDELINES. He and another boy were just playing around with an extra ball while the team warmed up! They were not in the way of any of the players, and I fail to see the problem in this? Maybe since this particular mother only has girls, she doesn't understand the amount of energy that little boys have? I didn't know how to respond to her comment and I felt very uncomfortable sitting next to her the entire game. This same mother, I have gone out of my way to compliment her on how good her daughter plays, how much we miss her when she isn't there, etc etc!

~ Noah fell and hurt his mouth on a metal chair. Blood was gushing out and he was screaming *loudly*. I am sure every parent there was eyeing us with an evil glare, like "why can't you watch your child better then that?"!!! He was fine, thank the Lord but it was chaos for a few minutes.

~ I wanted to go knock one of the parents out on the other team. She kept loudly screaming which is understandable but at the end when the kids were giving congratulations to each other she very rudely proclaimed how great they were and how they had beat us, nah nah nah!!!! ( Yes I have a bad attitude).

So here I am again and in a Monday *funk*. Nothing seems to be going right and I am dreading this week. One good thing is that Greg doesn't have to leave until tomorrow to go out of town. He informed me that he would take the twins to their Upwards pizza party AND to their soccer game tonight. Good thing cause I DO NOT want to go. I will let the other parents sit in peace and quiet and watch their kids play. I will just be silently supporting my girls from home! :(


Jennifer said...

((hugs)) You have my sympathy!

Have your house showings picked up any?

Thinking of you!

Andrea said...

Thanks J! No they haven't at all! I am very disappointed but what else can I do? I feel like I have prayed and prayed....!!!

Christy said...

Hey girl! I was just checking in to see how your day went yesterday :)
It will get better, this is just a phase in life-a rocky one-but it will pass! God is with you, not only will this rocky period end but you will be able to look back on it and see His hand not only when it is over, but during the journey.
Did that make any sense? LOL.
I am praying for you today.