Saturday, March 24, 2007

God Knows What I Need:

It has been a long two weeks. The girls surgery, and taking care of them. Errands, getting the carpets cleaned,Greg left for FIVE days Friday & yesterday we switched realtors! I am TIRED! I have also been a little down since hearing about my friend, BUT isn't it amazing how the Lord always blesses you when you need some encouragement? Thursday night, my sweet husband arranged a babysitter for the kids and took me to dinner. Getting the babysitter on his own would have been enough, but when we pulled up to the restaurant, he handed me a gift bag and he had bought me a gorgeous pair of earrings. He gets big points for paying attention to the fact that I like BIG earrings and they were just perfect! We had a great meal ( sushi of course) and it was so relaxing to be out on a WEEKNIGHT and NO kids! As we were driving home, I was just thanking God for blessing me with a break in the midst of a tough few weeks.

About the realtor: We have had the same realtor for SEVEN months now. She was a very nice woman but lives in a completely different area (big mistake on our part). We also feel like she didn't really give us much attention. So, in another act of the Lord, last Sunday, I was outside and a neighbor walked by. We started talking and she suggested someone that she knows that lives in our area and absolutely LOVES our neighborhood. I told her to have this lady call me. Well she did and we arranged to meet yesterday. Turns out, she and Greg went to highschool together. She is a very nice,Christian woman. We immediately felt at peace to sign with her and I am excited to try something new. Please pray with us for God's will and direction. This has been a frustrating wait, but just maybe God wanted me to be here so I could minister to my friend ( who is my neighbor by the way)! Timing is everything and I feel like this is a FRESH start. The new realtor has at the very least given me hope and I feel like she is going to really push our home. We weren't getting that before. I will keep you updated! :)


Christy said...

funny but I was thinking the same thing about you still being in your neighborhood. God knew you were needed still :)

I am so glad you and Greg got to go out!! You deserve it :)

Trella said...

Sounds like a wonderful husband. I have been praying for your friend and the house situation.

Andrea said...

thank yall so much! :)

Jennifer said...

Hey Andrea,
How nice of Greg! I'm in big need of alone time (with Britt) myself!

I promise, I've been praying for yor house. I know it has been so frustrating, but I'm sure the new lady will be the breath of fresh air that you need.

I hope you are having a great weekend! Boy wasn't it hot out?!