Thursday, March 01, 2007

I have a serious problem!

I really do and I am wondering if I am the only one? Here is the problem: I simply can't get clothing store coupons in the mail & not turn around and rush out my door to go use them! I am seriously my favorite stores IDEAL customer. I am the one they are targeting when they send them out! I ABSOLUTELY cannot ( unless we are just flat broke) NOT go find some little something or other in order to take advantage of that terrific ( ha ha) deal! Please girls tell me I am not the only one! Today's confession: I got one to my absolute favorite store. This is a no brainer that I will go shop there. I told myself that I would be good and only shop the sale rack! HA! That is tough to do when the only things on the sale rack are sweaters and you want to buy all the cute spring stuff. So, I got a *few* things and I go up to pay and guess what......I got TWO MORE coupons to use at the next visit! HOORAY...more coupons......this means another "HAVE TO GO" shopping trip. It is an endless cycle! I simply must get ahold of myself. Some people are addicted to scrapbooking supplies, some to crafts, some to sports....I am addicted to clothing store coupons! Wait a minute...I guess that means I am addicted to shopping! ;) Please someone get me the number to shopaholics annonymous but whatever you do, don't tell Greg about my little problem, ok? ;)


Christy said...

BUT IT'S A SALE!!!!!!!!!!!

From one shopaholic to another...good luck LOL.

Diane said...

LOL! I use the coupons if I need the clothes, if I dont' , I usually just pass them along to my shopaholic friends. ;)