Friday, March 30, 2007

Season comes to an end.....

***Remember to pray for Laura Grace. I posted an update earlier today. See below.....***

I have always hated when fun things come to an end. I used to feel huge letdowns whenever my ballet performances were over. You put so much time and effort into something and it seems like it ends just as quickly as it begins. The girls soccer season for 2006-07 has officially ended. I am a little sad about this. I really enjoyed this team. I also really enjoyed the U10 level. They have played for four years now and this is the first year where it really was competitive and interesting to watch. Of course, half the time I was about to have a mild heart attack, but overall I loved every minute. Madeline and Meredith's team 'The Soccer Rockers' were quarterfinalists in their final tournament. They finished up 8th out of 20 teams. I think they did great. The girls were so disappointed that they didn't advance farther and I got my first taste of consoling your child when their heart is breaking. I tried to be encouraging but I don't know if I succeeded. Losing IS hard. Losing ISN'T fair. Losing IS part of life and Losing BUILDS character and makes you try harder IF you don't give up! I hope and pray that I passed that along to my girls through our little talk! Since I am sooooo sad about the close of our season, I thought I would name FIVE reasons to be glad that it is over until August!!! Here we go:

1. No more sitting on a cold field, freezing my derriere off, and all the while wondering why I didn't have the forethought to go through the drive-thru at Seattle Drip!!!

2. No more wondering where the heck Noah is, all the while trying to keep my eye on the game. ( oh there he is playing in the ditch!!!;) )

3. No more rushing off to practice when we have TONS of homework to finish, and realizing halfway to the field that we only brought one ball, forgot to pack water, & oh yeah, the girls need to go to the bathroom BAD!!!!

4. No more picking up shin guards, balls, soccer shoes, & all other items that go along with the game, from all areas of my house!!! Apparently my children have the "it stays wherever you decide to take it off" theory!

5. MOST IMPT....No more listening to annoying & rude parents who have forgotten that it IS just a game and most of their children are not going to end up being David Beckham or Mia Hamm!!! :)


Trella said...

I can so relate! Brooke's season ends tomorrow. Breeanna's may end tomorrow of Sunday depending on how they do in the tournament, and Bruce's ends at the end of April.

andie said...

And our seasons (baseball/softball) are just starting! I've always wrinkled my nose at those kid leashes, but with a 1 and 3 year old to wrangle this year...hmmm... Nah, can't do it. Maybe I'll just tie them to each other!

Congrats to the girls on their finish, sounds quite respectable to me!

Christy said...

The girls did great!! The summer will fly by and before you know it, the season will begin again :)

I will be sad when Laura Grace's dance classes are over for the year is so much fun to watch your kids really enjoy something!