Saturday, February 24, 2007

Madeline...The Cheerleader

Upwards has come to an end and I am sad. We had such a wonderful time this year. Madeline was on the 'Shining Stars' cheer squad and they were such a sweet group. I thought they did a great job with all their cheers and halftime routines. I told Madeline that she makes an excellent "base". Of course, she would rather be a "flier" but she still had fun! Madeline and Meredith both said all of the 10 memory verses and were awarded the green star. They got to go with all the other kids that said their verses to a Mississippi College Basketball game. They had a great time and were quite proud of their accomplishment!

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Christy said...

She looks sooo grown up! I showed Laura Grace and she said Madeline looks beautiful!!