Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thoughtful Tuesday....

This is just going to be a random post with little updates and the summary of my weekend! Some may find it quite boring and that is fine! Let's see, we had a very nice LONG weekend. The twins had yesterday off from school, so I didn't have to get up at 5:30am! It was so nice and makes me yearn for summer to hurry up and get here! Friday night, we picked Greg up from the airport and were so happy to have him home after his very long business meeting. We went to dinner at a favorite Japanese place and then picked Madeline up from Cheer practice. Saturday, the girls each had a final Upwards game. It was bittersweet. They have had such a wonderful time this season and learned so much. I was a very proud mommy. The most wonderful thing that came from the experience was that they both learned and recited the ten Scripture verses from memory! WAY TO GO! Saturday night, was the awards ceremony and Madeline actually danced in a little routine with the other cheerleaders. I got it on video so don't you worry, Sue-Sue!!! Sunday was church and then home to REST. Sunday night I made pizzas and we watched 'Invincible' which is a very good movie in case you haven't seen it! Yesterday, I got to meet up with a friend for lunch and we got to chat while our children visited. It was fun and even more enjoyable, was the fact that Greg took Noah with him! Monday night, the girls had a soccer game and although the entire team played really well, we were dealt a loss. It's so difficult when they play their hearts out and yet still come out without a victory. Oh well, it is a life lesson, right? Ok now for some updates to a few of my previous posts. I know you are on pins and needles:

1. For Valentine's Day, Greg sent me a pajama-gram! It was so cute. It came in a little box and was PINK and very cute. I also got chocolates and a cool headband that I have already worn twice. I told Greg that this was very Thoughtful and I really appreciated the creativity!

2. NOAH GOT IN AT THE PRESCHOOL!!! Yes, the two plus hours were worth it, because I got the call on Friday that he had a spot in the M-F class. I went today and paid the fee and filled out a form. If we are still here next fall, that is where he will go. I love the director and enjoyed visiting with her and it sounds like they have a wonderful curriculum!

3. Saved the best for last, Judy got through her surgery and is doing really well. They removed her kidney and gallbladder and in two weeks should have the results from the lab. Keep praying, but at this point, things are looking good! Thank you Lord!

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Jennifer said...

Hey Andrea,
I'm glad to hear of the positive update for Judy!

Your Valentine's day sounded lovely!

And I'm SO glad your efforts to get Noah in your preferred school worked! :0)

Have a great weekend!