Saturday, February 24, 2007

Greek Day

Madeline and Meredith had Greek Day at school on Friday. They had to dress up like a Greek, they got to have a Greek Olympics, make Greek crafts, and eat lunch from a local Greek place. Of course, the minute I heard they had to have a costume, the stress started. I am not what you would call a "handy" mother. I just don't have the ability to make elaborate things out of normal household objects. My mother on the otherhand can make something out of just about anything. I always remember that whenever she helped me with class projects, they turned out great. Anyway, I went to Walmart and bought white sheets to which my daughters informed me that they did not want to wear. To my rescue came my neighbor and boy do I owe her! She met me at the fabric store and we bought fabric and rope. She came over after school on Thursday and helped me with the above. I must say that I think they look Beautiful and very *Greek*! THANK YOU BRIDGETT! You rank up there with my mom! ;)


Jennifer said...

How fun! We are studying Greece right now too, so my girls will enjoy seeing this picture!! Great job on the custumes! And wow, the girls look so different from each other in this pic!

Christy said...

They look so cute!! Bridgette did a GREAT job! I hope they had fun :)