Friday, December 08, 2006

I don't have good "mommy" radar!

I thought I did but I don't. I just can't seem to pinpoint when they are really sick and when they are not. I totally thought that Noah just had a cold. Greg told me to take him to the dr several days ago and while I called the dr, I elected to try over the counter medicine. I just knew it was only a cold!!! Well, I took him in today and he has bronchitis. I am so tired of sickness. Last month, all 3 kids had strep, and now Noah is sick again and I have a bad cold. To make matters worse, he is extremely clingy. All I really want to do is lay in my bed ALONE, drink hot tea, and rest! Unfortunately, I can't! I really want MY mommy!!!!! :(

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Jennifer said...

Hey Andrea,
Don't beat yourself up. I think every mom has trouble knowing whether their child is sick enough to go to the doctor or if going would be just a big waste of time and money. And mine never get sick enough for me to really know that they need to go until it's Friday night!
I hope you and Noah get to feeling better soon!