Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Noah's New Haircut

I am used to girls hair. It doesn't require much upkeep. If they wear it long, then all we do is wash it and worry about keeping the tangles out. Having a little boy means getting haircuts more often. Noah's hair has been getting so long and Greg keeps taking him to get it cut, but we haven't been very happy with the way it has looked. I don't think he was taking him to the right places. Today, I wised up and took him to my hair stylist. I think it looks really cute. Of course, I am his mommy and I think everything about him is cute ( well ok, I don't think it is cute when he is throwing a fit or talking back to me). ;)


Jennifer said...

He's so CUTE!! I love his new haircut! He looks like a big boy!

Diane said...

so cute!

Renee said...

I love it! I need a picture of the back of it! I've been cutting Adam's hair myself and since Adam and Noah have the same hair, I need all the ideas I can get!