Monday, December 04, 2006

The Nutcracker..

Last Friday evening, the twins and I had a "girls only" night. We went and ate dinner (their choice), and then to see 'The Nutcracker'. Oh the memories it brought back. Madeline and Meredith could not believe that their mom was actually "Clara" in 'The Nutcracker' almost 20 years ago. I still have the wooden Nutcracker my parents gave me the year that I danced that role. It is sitting on my mantle ( the small one on the left). It is very fragile! I have to keep the kids from playing with it. I managed to dig out my old video from 1987!!! We watched some of it yesterday and I could still remember most of the choreography. I think that it will always be one of my favorite times in my dancing career. I still remember the excitement when my ballet teacher called me at home to tell me that I was going to be Clara. It was such a magical experience from beginning to end. As we sat in the balcony on Friday night, the music and the dancing really stirred something inside of me. I have taken 3 years off from teaching and I am starting to get the "bug" again. Who knows what will happen? God has always faithfully provided every single one of my job opportunities. I am excited to see what doors may open. On a side note, the girls informed me after watching the performance, that they now want to take ballet next year!!! All it takes is watching a ballet, to make you want to dance! ;)


Christy said...

I completely understand! I wanted to get up and dance when me and Laura Grace went to see it. I miss it :)

I then went home and was attempting to dance-Laura Grace laughed and laughed at me. My plies are even awful LOL

I did forget to tell you, Jennifer said to tell you hello!!

Andrea said...

I am blanking....jennifer who???

Jennifer said...

What a nice treat to have a girls' night out! I need to do that soon.

Christy said...

Jennifer Beasley :)