Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sweet Noah

I never get tired of taking pictures of this boy. He was being a little ham for me today. He doesn't even feel 100%, but he would sit there and I would take a picture, and then he would run over , and want me to show him what it looked like! Noah has a cold and a cough. I probably shouldn't have taken him to "school" yesterday, but I was a bad mommy. I had so many errands to do that I gave him some medicine and off he went. In my defense, he didn't have a fever and his runny nose was clear. However, when I picked him up, one of his teachers was *kind* enough to tell me that maybe if I washed his blankie, then he would get better! Huh? Believe it or not, I do wash the blanket, but it is so "loved", that it will never look the same! I felt so stupid as I left his school . Apparently, I didn't pack him enough drinks either! Do you ever wonder if people just assume that you haven't got a clue how to be a mother? I sure do! I am not the type to have a quick retort. I just stutter and get out of dodge as fast as I can. Thank the Lord there were no other mothers around when I got my reprimand! Next time, I am sending Noah to school with at least 3 drinks, and he will take an "unloved" blanket. They better not call me when he cries at naptime!!! ;)


Christy said...

He is so cute!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh Andrea,
I do love your stories. You are so honest and transparent! I'm not very quick with my responses either, so you're not alone! I'm about a day slow with what I "should have said", lol!

Andrea said...

Jenn ~ I am glad you see it as "honest and transparent". I think of myself as " cranky"!!! LOL