Saturday, December 30, 2006

Picture with my 50 mm lens

It took forever to get here, but I finally received my 50 mm lens. I heard from 'experts' that it is a great prime lens. I did a little dance in my driveway, after checking the mail and finding it had arrived. I couldn't wait to put it into use. Unfortunately, I had to beg Noah to sit there so I could experiment. You might wonder why I wouldn't try to use the girls, but they are on vacation and most hours of the day, their hair isn't even brushed!!! This is definitely my best one that I got out of about 15 shots. Isn't he cute? It's ok, you can say it!!! I have a LONG way to go!!!


Christy said...

I have such a BEAUTIFUL son in law!! Okay, okay...future son in law LOL. Seriously, the picture is wonderful! Don't beat yourself up, I think the color, clarity, quality, ect... is PERFECT.

Andrea said...

Thanks! Aren't our grandkids going to be cute? :)