Friday, December 15, 2006

Observations from the carpool line...

First of all, I am going to say how incredibly grateful I am that I could even be in the carpool line today. I have not been enjoying dragging Noah up from his nap every afternoon to go sit in a line of other parents waiting for dismissal. However, the fact that my children were well enough to attend school, made me shout for joy that I could be in the line!!! How is that for perspective? Anyway, I usually end up sitting in the line for a good 10-15 mins and I probably should bring reading material but I usually just people-watch! Yes, you read that correctly. I find it very interesting. There are 3 moms in particular that I look for every afternoon. One mom arrives very early to get in line and she always parks and gets out with her younger child and lets her play at the playground area. I sit there watching while Noah is strapped into his seat, bored out of his mind. I think, "wow she is such a thoughtful mom". I am too lazy to do that. Then there is the mom who just appears through the trees that border the school property. They live in the neighborhood behind the school and she always comes walking with a mini cooler in her hand. She brings her children a cold drink and then they head home and back through the trees. I have even seen her bring a drink to the music teacher, who is always for some reason standing by the side of the school. I think I am secretly envious that the school is in her backyard! Then there is the "fashion mom". They live in a nearby neighborhood too, so she walks over to get her child. I have never once seen her in sweats or without makeup. She is always dressed to the nines! I have even seen her walking over in her stiletto boots! She has at minimum 10 different coats! I have 2!!! There I sit in my car, with my hair piled on top of my head, looking like death(no makeup on my pale face), and feeling pretty pathetic! She is always smiling too. It really is true that when you care about your appearance, you feel better about yourself! I wish I cared enough on Mondays, to actually follow that advice! ;) So there you have it, I obviously have too much time on my hands. Maybe I should make better use of my time. I have a Bible and a devotional in the car and I have tried to read them. Somehow, getting interrupted every few seconds by a question-asking 3 year old, does not make that task easy. No, I would rather just stare out the window and be nosy!!! :)

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Diane said...

You are so funny, A! You'll have to call me one day while you are in the line. :)

Miss you terribly.